Ok got a twerker for ya working getting an exclusive tweak video bit for now check out all her pages
VINE stoprindinmycunt
Twitter stoprindinmycunt
Instagram venomj_





Candy Pretty Starr

Here is a thick bodied girl i found surfing the net tonight. Shit she thicker than a snicker. got more body than a BMW 750li. I hope yall enjoy her ill try and get some exclusive pics for yall

Denvers Bad Ass

this on right here goes by the name Denvers Bad Ass and let me tell you shes got a BAD ASS back there go ahead and check here out and let her know what you think

Chyanna Lang

GOD DAMN!!!! look at what i found this chick on facebook check here out

Basic Info:
From – Denver, Colorado
occupation –
AGE – 33
mesurements –
Contact Info -

More Peggy Bundy

shes back with another update for us. i saw her on face book said hello asked her for some more pics for the site and BAM here they are so enjoy and make sure you comment and tell her what you think.

Goldie TheVixen Foxx

Basic Info:
From- Detroit mi
occupation- model/actress/emcee
AGE- 24
mesurements – 34-26-39
Contact Info
For bookings

Sekret TheArtist

Basic Info:
From- Detroit, MI
ocupation- music artist
AGE- 24
Contact Info
Screen Names

Jameilah Rodgers

Basic Info:
From- Toledo, Ohio
AGE- 24
contact info-
damn i love me some camera phones

Doni Shanel

Man oh man this here this shit right here man im on the phone right now booking a flight I’m a due that loves curves so here are some curves. look at these curves shit is ridiculous

Basic Info:
From- Columbus, Ohio
AGE- 27
Contact Info


Jade Apple Jacks

when i saw this lady right here i had to get the defibrillator  because my heart stopped all that ass back there  here see for yourself

Basic Info:
From- Berkeley, California
AGE- 23
Contact Info